When 2021 began, we and everyone else were in the throes of the Covid pandemic. We were learning how significantly people’s mental health had been affected by the unknown future, health fears, job losses, isolation from friends and family, and – for children and adolescents – the inability to go to school and continue a “normal” education and socialization with friends and classmates.

As the year progressed, the scope of the mental health effects of Covid became more and more obvious. The number of new client referrals coming into Family Counseling Service shot up. At one point in April of 2021, our wait list hit nearly 200 people. That was 200 people in our community asking for counseling help that we needed to figure out how to provide. We were fortunately able to create new clinical positions, fill those positions, and reduce that wait list back down to nearly zero by August.

Our wait list then again hit over 300 people in December and just a few weeks into this new year, we are proud to say we are successfully working our way to reducing our new wait list just like we did a few months ago. Our goal is to do everything in our power to offer every single individual who is in need of counseling services in our community the ability to be seen as quickly as possible.

We welcomed new faces last year, developed new programs and services, and learned new technologies to more effectively serve those who needed us. While other businesses were closing their doors forever in the midst of the pandemic, we were able to grow.

Growth always means more partnership opportunities. At FCS, our partnerships are what make us successful. That can look like a lot of different things: the partnership between a
client and their therapist; our partnerships with other non-profit, government, and business organizations; the partnership between us and every company and individual who donates to support the work we do.

By the end of 2021, we didn’t look like the same Family Counseling Service as when the year started. We have more employees, more locations, more partners, and more programs and services. Most importantly, though, we are serving more people. More people who are managing their depression and anxiety; more couples learning how to have positive, meaningful relationships; more families recovering from the effects of domestic violence; more children getting back into school and having successful education experiences. You can read more about our accomplishments last year in our 2021 Annual Report.

Just a few weeks into the new year, 2022 is already throwing MORE curve balls at us. With the help of our community and our amazing staff, we know we will handle them.

All because Hope Starts Here.