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Family Counseling Service’s Continuing Education Network is very excited to be able to offer accredited, self-paced online seminars to provide a high quality continuing education experience for our attendees to complete on their own schedule.

Online seminars are a convenient and economical way for behavioral health professionals to access quality education resources and expand their clinical skills and knowledge base. Our online seminars can be completed anytime, whenever participants are available. We already have a digital library of online seminar offerings that we plan to extensively grow and are looking for more presenters to partner with.

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Benefits for presenters who partner with FCS’s Continuing Education Network to create online seminars:

  • Earn CEs for presenting.
  • Reach a wider audience than in-person seminars offer with the additional benefit of connecting with our large existing participant base.
  • Family Counseling Service is an NBCC Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP) and can offer CEs to counselors across the country.
  • FCS is an APT Approved Provider of play therapy continuing education and can offer play therapy CEs to counselors across the country.
  • Contribute at the highest possible level to the behavioral health field by sharing your knowledge and expertise with other Clinicians to help the field as a whole stay on the cutting edge of behavioral health treatment.
  • Easy way to turn your expertise into an online seminar where FCS handles all of the difficult tasks involved with online seminar creation and you get to focus on what you’re the expert at in creating high quality seminar content. Our Continuing Education Network team (which includes video and experienced digital marketing professionals) will help you design a marketable seminar experience and will manage all video editing, printing, mailing, payment systems, registration, and marketing tasks. The only thing you need to worry about  is creating the content for your seminar and showing up to our studio ready to record your video.
  • Make extra money – great opportunity to receive a percentage of revenue from each sale of your online seminar, on an ongoing basis.

If you are interested in partnering with us as a presenter, please contact Mary Ihnenfeld at webinar@aurorafcs.org. We’d love to hear from you!

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