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Psych Services

psych services

Some mental health problems require more than counseling.

Our multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, advanced nurse practitioners, clinical medical director, and care coordinators take a comprehensive and person-centered approach to determine if medication services are right for you. These services include:

Case management by care coordinators who schedule lab tests and evaluations, facilitate communication between team members, and remove barriers to the treatment process.

Psychiatric evaluations by a psychiatrist and advanced nurse practitioners to determine diagnosis and if medication is recommended.

Medication management using a highly personalized approach and genetic medication testing that reduces the need to “try you” medications.

Psychiatric nursing by advanced nurse practitioners who take a family systems approach with purposeful integration of mental and physical health care.

Treat the Whole Patient

We view mental health as a medical need that involves every aspect of your life—from your family to your work to your surroundings. That’s why we include family dynamics, patient education, and basic needs evaluations in our treatment plan. And we’ve been providing psychiatric services to patients of all ages for over 95 years.

Experts In The Field

We offer both in-person and telehealth psychiatric services to hundreds of other patients in the area.

Our Board Certified Psychiatrist and Advanced Nurse Practitioners use an evidence-based approach to diagnose and treat mental health conditions. And where traditional outpatient psychiatry is usually a 10-15 minute visit, we take the time to connect with and get to know you. They also help to educate, support, and empower the family system around our patients to sustain long-term wellbeing.

Our Care Coordinator follow and manage patients from their initial meeting and throughout the treatment process. They communicate with our psychiatric team and address basic patient needs, from housing and food to on-going support.

Our Clinical Medical Director oversees all patient cases and reviews case files with our staff to ensure we are always delivering the highest level of care complying with medical standards.

Personalized Medicine

Thanks to our lab partner, genetic medication testing helps our psychiatrists determine the right medication. That means no “trying out” medications or wondering about side effects. Almost all insurance options, including Medicare and Medicaid, cover this test. To learn more about pharmacogenetic testing, click HERE.