Our Holistic Approach to Care

We are excited to launch our Care Coordinator program which gives you an advocate in your healthcare journey with us. Our Care Coordinators are behavioral health clinicians whose focus is on making sure you are getting coordinated care.

They handle things like:

  • Help you complete your evaluations
  • Create the best treatment plan for you based on your goals
  • Make sure you get appointments scheduled with the right members of our team
  • Get all of your treatment providers on the same page
  • Answer all your questions about treatment services, insurance coverage, and options unique to you
  • Find, recommend, and help you access community resources

Check out our Care Coordinator page and get started by completing the form. We look forward to serving you through this new program.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with grief, anxiety, depression, or any other mental health condition, please reach out. Family Counseling Service offers a range of services that caters to all ages, from children, to adolescents through to adults and older adults. Our appointments are in-office or telehealth. Hope starts here. We are here to listen.