I love when people ask me that. For the past twenty-two years, I have dedicated my life to the development and provision of programs and services that promote the positive mental health and wellbeing of those in our community. I have had the opportunity to see clients succeed and instances where services fell short. Through this journey, I learned that the most effective behavioral health programs are those that are ready to help when it’s most needed, are willing to meet clients where they are, are culturally relevant, and are accessible to all.

These standards are not always present in community agencies. So often the people who need help have lost hope. They are constantly being told “no, we cannot help you”, or “here is another phone number to try”. They lose hope when they believe they have to settle for less because of who they are, what they are experiencing, because of their insurance, or because of their past life struggles.

At FCS we say, “Hope Starts Here” because it is our mission to make that happen. It’s also the reason I chose to work at Family Counseling Service. Our agency is truly dedicated to doing what it takes, going the extra mile, and respectfully responding to the mental health needs of all those in need of help.

We are purposeful in our efforts to hear, respond, and react to the individual needs of all we serve. We work to instill hope by helping individuals realize they are good enough; that they deserve respect and the highest quality of behavioral health services. We are committed to promoting access to treatment by identifying and removing potential barriers. More simply stated – you are important, we care, and we will help!

For our psychiatric services, this is extremely important. Since 1925, FCS has proudly served the mental health and wellbeing needs of Aurora and surrounding communities. As an agency, we’ve recognized how traditional psychiatry often falls woefully short of meeting the needs of those served. For this reason, we are passionately committed to responding to the psychiatric needs of our community in a meaningful, impactful, and culturally relevant manner. At FCS, it is our mission to provide the highest quality psychiatric care through a comprehensive and person-centered approach that strives to meet the diverse needs of those we serve.

Beginning with the very first phone call we receive from a potential client, we are committed to making the experience as positive as possible. Our commitment starts with decreasing wait time for service. Each person served is assigned their own Clinical Care Coordinator to ensure a personalized treatment experience, and the high-quality clinical treatment they will receive.

I talk to many individuals and families who are in deep despair and duress. Many times, I talk to people who feel lost, unsure of how to get help, desperately concerned for a loved one’s wellbeing, and not knowing what to do. There are frequently many barriers faced by individuals who are seeking psychiatric care – insurance hoops to jump through, inconvenient appointment times, lack of coordination with primary medical care, insufficient collaboration with schools, insufficient education about medications or diagnosis, and an overall lack of responsiveness to preferences.

We can help, provide education and support, and get patients the first available appointment for a personalized assessment and treatment planning.

Our psychiatric team is comprised of a Clinical Medical Director, Board Certified Psychiatrist and a team of Nurse Practitioners. Our Nurse Practitioners have the brains of a doctor and the heart of a nurse – they are truly amazing!  Our Nurse Practitioners take a family systems approach with purposeful integration of mental and physical health care. We understand the critical importance of not only treating the individual but also working to educate, support, and empower the family system.

Our psychiatric team has frequent and on-going communication and collaboration with our behavioral health therapists. In this way, we wrap our services around the person, meeting them where they are at, and accompanying them in the treatment process.

Our psychiatric staff also forms strong working relationships with primary care medical providers, medical specialists, and school personnel of those we serve. This ensures that individuals with multiple diagnostic features experience a seamless and effective treatment process. Where traditional outpatient psychiatry often consists of brief in-personal sessions, we take the time to connect with and understand the needs and preferences of those we serve. We work to “connect the dots” and consider all potential health needs, many times leading to discovery of other co-occurring medical conditions that have previously gone undetected. We are deeply aware and responsive to all health issues that could be contributing to the presenting mental health condition.

It is our mission to provide the highest quality psychiatric care through a comprehensive and person-centered approach that strives to meet the diverse needs and preferences of those we serve. In our ninety-five years of committed mental health and wellbeing service, we have learned what is necessary and are taking the steps to raise the bar on psychiatric treatment to promote long lasting change in those we serve, their families, and their communities.

If you or someone you care about is in need of a psychiatric evaluation, reach out. You will be immediately connected with our amazing psychiatric team who are all committed the needs of our patients.

Treatment works and recovery happens!