Psychiatric Services


Some mental health problems cannot be resolved through counseling alone.

Family Counseling Service’s team of psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and support staff will help you determine if medication services are right for you. Services include:

  • Psychiatric evaluation (determines diagnosis and recommends medication)
  • Medication management (follow-up to monitor progress with medication)
  • Psychiatric nursing

Our psychiatric treatment staff work closely with FCS therapists to ensure that the goals you are addressing in therapy match up with the work you are doing with the medication provider.

“Experts in their field”: Our psychiatric providers not only help FCS clients manage challenging emotional issues; we also work with several other mental health providers to serve their clients as well. Our staff provide both in-person and telehealth psychiatric services to hundreds of other patients in the area.

“Personalized Medicine”: Our Personalized Medicine option means no more “trying out” medications until you find the right one. We partner with a lab to offer you genetic medication testing services. No more wondering what, if any, the side effects of a medication will be. Best of all, almost all insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid, cover the cost of this test. Ask our staff for more information by calling the number below.

To learn more about pharmacogenetic testing, click HERE.

Payment for Psychiatric Services: most insurance, including Medicaid and Medicare, is accepted. Sliding scale available for uninsured clients.

To schedule an appointment or to get more information, call (630) 844-8220.

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