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First Responder Behavioral Health Program

Exposure to traumatic events is an occupational hazard for first responders, and even the most mentally tough will struggle to process a critical traumatic event or deal with the negative mental health consequences that come from cumulative exposure to trauma.

We offer a unique opportunity to work directly with a Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Therapist who is also a former police officer of 10 years.

Our First Responder Behavioral Health Program actively considers the specialized needs, preferences, and concerns that first responders may have in seeking behavioral health treatment. Our goal is to reduce stigma and barriers that could inhibit one from seeking treatment.

Do you experience any of these symptoms of repeated exposure to trauma?

  • Family Problems
  • Hopelessness
  • Isolation
  • Rage
  • Life Dissatisfaction
  • Relationship Conflicts
  • Suicidal Ideations
  • Substance Abuse

Benefits of Therapy:

    • Increased resilience
    • Improved mental health
    • Improved physical health by processing traumas in a safe and confidential space

Department Services

In addition to individual services, we also offer department services including:

      • Behavioral Health Trainings
      • Stress Management and Suicide Prevention
      • Annual Wellness Checks for Officers and Department Staff

Current clients sharing their success in the program

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We are here to serve those who serve us

You are NOT alone. When you are ready….

Family Counseling Service accepts self-pay, private insurance, and Illinois Medicaid for payment for services.

For more information about our First Responders Behavioral Health Program, please contact Cristie Fry or Jason Andrade at 630-844-2662 ext. 374 or

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