Yoga Philosophy and Movement

— in the Advancement of Modern Therapy Practices —

When being trained to teach yoga, instructors are exposed to a rich world thousands of years old of yogic philosophies that go hand in hand with modern-day therapy theories. These concepts broaden the language for all healthcare workers to use with clients to help them to embrace ideas like self-care, positive relationships, living authentically, setting boundaries, letting go of the negative in their lives and finding ways to accept a life of contentment. Additionally, studies show that simple yoga postures can be shared with clients that help them to use their own bodies in a safe, controlled manner to calm their nervous system, thereby addressing PTSD, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and so much more.

In this workshop we will:
• Discuss the 8 limbs of yoga as they apply to therapeutic work
• Delve in the Yoga Sutras, which support to the picture of each person, helping them to find a stronger more empowered path
• Weave in postures that any therapist or healthcare worker can share with clients to take with them to energize, calm or ground themselves as needed
• Look at the similarities between these philosophies and modern therapy theories
• Discuss real examples of using this work with clients
• Identify specific ways in which you can apply these concepts in a clear, understandable manner
• Even look at ways you, the healthcare provider, might enhance your own life, not just your clients

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