Under Fire

— The Emotional Ambush of First Responders and Their Families —

September 6, 2019 9a.m. – 12p.m.

First responders experience unique, rapidly evolving, and emotionally confusing events as part of their everyday routine. Often, this chronic exposure to intensely emotional and intimate circumstances is seen as a routine part of their professional experience. While true, we often perceive that the police officer or firefighter is somehow equipped to manage their professional standards while also identifying, coping with, and mitigating the impact of these intense and repetitive experiences. We only realize they’re unequipped once they’ve already impacted their systems – their family, their workplace, their community.

This seminar applies a systems perspective to best identify how the police officer or firefighter impacts their system and how their systems create barriers to support, healing, and awareness. We’ll review how cultural perceptions influence the first responder’s healing path, while also best understanding how to provide support to the responder, their family, and those with whom they impact in the community.

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