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— Unmasking a Stigmatized Disease —

Substance Use Disorders

Substance use often is a challenging issue for clinicians. We will explore clinician fears and myths relating to substance use disorders, tools to identify when clients are at risk of more complicated SUDs (including the DSM 5), when to refer to a substance use specialist, and challenges working with this population. We will also explore the stages of recovery, differences between levels of treatment, and use the stages of change as a tool. We will address the audiences’ questions about working with clients who both initially present with SUDs or reveal SUDs in later sessions. This workshop will increase your knowledge and skills in effectively understanding and managing the use of substances within the classroom. Interactive activities, handouts, discussions, and exercises complement this workshop.


  • Identify personal myths of substance use
  • Identify components of the substance use continuum
  • Identify two strategies to effectively screen and refer for SUDs
  • Identify ethical and appropriate way to manage situations with integrity

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