— Real Tools and Strategies to Address School Refusal —

October 11, 2019 1p.m. – 4p.m.

School refusal is a perplexing and growing problem for children, parents, providers, and educators. Usually, school refusal is not a stand-alone problem; it is a symptom of underlying anxiety in children. Oftentimes, when parents are worried and confused about how to help their child attend school, stay in school, and/or have less anxiety while at school.

The purposes of this presentation are:
1) Identify anxiety symptoms in children that may lead or have led to school refusal
2) Describe school and home-based interventions to manage the problem
3) Identify barriers or issues that may make treatment more difficult

We will define school refusal, review the various reasons why children struggle at school, and review recommended options for treatment. We will walk attendees through a protocol used that includes parent training, cognitive therapy, exposure-based treatment, and collaboration with schools.

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