Treatments that Work

— Exposure Therapies for PTSD —

October 11, 2019 9a.m. – 12p.m.

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder is a serious mental health problem that will affect about 7-8 percent of the population at some point during their lives. It can be very debilitating and costly to the individual. Fortunately, trauma-focused or exposure-based treatments have been found to be highly effective for treating PTSD. The purpose of this workshop is to provide participants an overview of trauma-focused therapies (e.g. Cognitive Processing Therapy, Prolonged Exposure Therapy) and to teach participants how to implement these in their practices. We will describe the main elements of these treatments for both children and adults (i.e., psychoeducation, imaginal exposure, in vivo exposure, cognitive restructuring) and provide examples of how to implement them.

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