— Conflict or Connection? —

September 11, 2020 9a.m. – 12p.m.

Every day we experience intensely intimate connections with those we support professionally. We often obligate ourselves to rigid boundaries and practices that ensure we protect ourselves from the client’s experience and them from our stories. What if we allowed the connection in sessions? What if we permitted a healthy connection via our shared experiences with those who utilize our gifts? The mystery that surrounds countertransference and its impact on the therapist-client connection is whispered in graduate school hallways, discussed in classes and trainings, and generally discouraged. Again, what if we craft a credible, healthy, and appropriate connection with those who share our experiences?

This seminar will focus on an advanced review of countertransference, best practices to develop and nurture a healthy, authentic, and credible connection, and elements of self-care for the therapist. We will also review the debate on therapist self-disclosure and client and therapist transference.

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