Legal and Ethical

— Psychiatric Commitment —

October 25, 2019 9a.m. – 12p.m.

Most clinicians who work with people will eventually find themselves in professional situations where decisions must be made about whether or not to begin the psychiatric commitment process for a client at risk. In a national survey, more than 80% of mental health clinicians said they did not feel “adequately informed” about mental health commitment laws in their area of practice.

Attendees will walk away from this seminar understanding:
1. What the law says about when you can and should begin the process of psychiatric commitment
2. The complete steps to commitment and what role you play in the process
3. Ethical considerations and practice in the commitment process
4. How to effectively, legally and ethically complete the court documents to
a.) Protect your client
b.) Protect your license and practice
5. The steps to follow once you have completed commitment documents

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