Cultural Proficiency:

— The African American Cultural Split and Implications for the “Black Lives Matter” Movement —

January 29, 2021 9a.m. – 12p.m.

A provocative and revealing seminar that explores African Americans’ culture “beneath the surface”. We will examine the intra-psychic generational experiences starting with slavery and how these are manifested through the “cultural DNA” of our non-monolithic, African American clients, colleagues, friends, and others. As a sequel to previous seminars on this subject, we will also explore and discuss the impact of the “Black Lives Matters” movement on current and future generations’ cultural DNA and our American institutions. You will gain insights regarding past and currently shifting cultural conflicts among African Americans, the shifting institutional ideologies and how these changes inform Social Work practice and other client-focused disciplines within the helping professions. Additionally, we will explore your views and beliefs relative to the societal paradigm shifts we are all experiencing in regard to race relations, equity and social justice.

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