— A Public Health Crisis Hidden in Plain Sight —

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) refer to the most common and most researched childhood traumatic events that can have life-long consequences for a person’s physical and mental health. We now know that being exposed to ACEs produces toxic stress, which negatively affects brain and nervous system development, and results in all kinds of physical and mental health problems that you have likely observed in the children and adults coming into your own practice, school, community health center, or forensic setting. ACEs are very common, and chances are that virtually all of your clients have experienced one or more ACEs.

As professionals it is imperative to understand what the ACEs are, how they affect people across the lifespan, how to screen for ACEs, how to communicate about ACEs with your clients and with teams across disciplines, and how to prevent or reverse the damaging effects of ACEs.

Knowing about ACEs has the potential to change how you practice forever. It will enhance the way you conceptualize cases and will empower you and your clients to move forward in ways that feel intuitively right. Please join me and become part of the important ACEs movement that is happening on a global scale right now.

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