Transgender Across the Lifespan: Constructs, Considerations, and Clinical Applications


Over the course of the workshop, we will explore the power of social constructs to shape our understanding of self and of identity. We will examine the four constructs of sex, gender, presentation, and orientation in detail and take the time to process and become familiar with the complex interactions between these ideas. Then we will move on to explore the experience of trans people across the life course, focusing on childhood and adolescence, adult transition, and the non-binary experience, before breaking into process groups to discuss case studies and answer clinical questions. This seminar will be an interactive exploration of how sex and gender impact our clients and ourselves as clinicians.




March 16, 2018


9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

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Hilary Green, PhD

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Dr. Hilary Green recently completed her doctorate at The Chicago School of Professional psychology. She has trained in varied clinical environments including community mental health, outpatient services, hospital programs, nursing homes, therapeutic day schools and CILAs. Dr. Green specializes in working with the LGBTQA community with an emphasis on the health and wellbeing of the gender community. She currently works at Family Counseling Service in Aurora, IL.